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Your ISP has access to your online activity. Some Internet service providers even sell this information to third parties. A VPN service can help you. We recommend using Surfshark VPN.

What is an ISP?

ISP is an acronym for Internet Service Provider. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a business that provides Internet access to businesses and individuals.

In most countries you will find multiple internet providers to select from, each with its own subscription plans, connection speeds, access and router technology.

Your internet service provider (ISP) is in charge of your internet connection, which means it can monitor everything you do online.

It has access to sensitive information such as your IP address, geolocation, and DNS requests made by your devices when on the internet.

Your ISP can also observe and analyze all unencrypted communication going to and from your network and the rest of the internet.

Encrypting your internet traffic with a VPN is the safest way to prevent your ISP from tracking your online activities.

You can learn more about the different types of ISPs on Wikipedia.

What is my IP

Above you can see your external IP address, and this is the address that the internet uses to identify you.

When using an VPN, you will get another ip which a lot of people use, which means it's more difficult to track you.

Who is my VPN provider

The advantages of changing your ip address and hiding your location are many and when it comes to online security, a VPN is essential.

VPN benefits

If you're still unsure about how VPNs work and if you can trust the services, then read more about what it is via this Wikipedia article.